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Paul Hoelen's 'Saline' Book

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In this book I have collated a series of abstract aerial images that explore the visual characteristics of the unique Shark Bay World Heritage ecosystem in Western Australia. This area contains some of highest ocean salinity in the world and salt weaves through like a thread shaping all life and form…

Paul Hoelen's 'Saline' Book

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This 10 x 10 inch hard cover fine art book is designed with magazine style lay flat pages with a smooth matte finish, and comes with a custom designed wrap around book jacket and matching elegant slide-in cover case.

This book is created from a series of images taken from the air about 3000 feet above the phenomenal Shark Bay World Heritage Area in North West Australia. The pervading element that links this ecosystem together is salt.

In Shark Bay's hot, dry climate, evaporation greatly exceeds the annual precipitation rate. Thus, the seawater in the shallow bays becomes very salt-concentrated, or 'hypersaline'. Sea grasses also restrict the tidal flow of waters through the bay area, preventing the ocean tides from diluting the seawater. The water of the bay is 1.5 to 2 times more salty than the surrounding ocean waters. Hence the shallow bays have some of the highest salinity in the world and this element has in turn molded the natural and man-made features from the salt evaporation ponds to the pervasive sea grass beds, extensive dugong population, rare stromatolites and birridas.

This was possibly the most incredible aerial photography I've ever encountered, with an almost indescribably varied array of colour, texture, form and subject matter contained in just one focused area. With on the ground access being so difficult and the surrounding terrain being so vast and even-planed and it was clear that taking to the air was going to provide the perspective I wanted to evoke its distinctive qualities. In the book I have collated a series of ten pairings of abstract aerial images that explore the visual characteristics of this unique world heritage ecosystem.

Artist Profile

Born in NZ to a Dutch sailor & an American nun, Paul put his wanderlust and four passports to good use before eventually setting on the beautiful, wild island of Tasmania. Photo-documenting a 15-year career in Wilderness Adventure Therapy helped cultivate his belief and passion for the power of wild areas to bring healing, reflection and balance to people's lives and how imagery can support this process.

Self-taught, travel hungry and with a healthy thirst for adventure you're hard pressed to catch him sitting on a couch, more likely planning his next expedition or adventure. He thrives on the challenge and freshness of shooting a wide diversity of genres ranging from fine art nudes, landscapes, and large-scale event photography through to fashion, architecture and environmental portraiture - though he's most renowned for his soulful landscape imagery.

Paul is a Master of Photography in the AIPP and Fellow of the NZIPP, two times Overseas Photographer of the Year in NZ, two times Tasmanian AIPP Professional Photographer of the Year and three times Tasmanian AIPP Landscape Photographer of the Year. He judges regularly at a state, national and international level, leads photography workshops, writes photography articles for numerous magazines and exhibits regularly in both Australia and the USA. He is also a proud Ambassador for Asukabook.

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